We are a dedicated Impact focused Venture Capital fund for early stage startups in the Nordics.

Our Impact Investing Ethos

  • Social impact for us means supporting businesses that make a measurable positive impact on society.
  • In order for  this to be really sustainable, not only for the environment and for the society, the businesses we support must also make a profit​.
  • This, we believe, is the best motivator to attract the right talent to the business, to ensure that the business idea survives in the long term, and to enable a return to the investors that supported the business in the early phases of building it up​.

Our Investment Focus

  • We believe that increasingly, platforms  combined with technology  will be the enablers in social impact innovations​.
  • For us, a platform is a  business model  not just a piece of technology​. It  creates value  and makes services affordable and more accessible.